AIM4SDG is your chance to learn and create real-life solutions for a greater sustainable good through Additive Manufacturing.

You are now having the chance to dig deep into this area with other peers, experts, and interesting thinkers.

The online event will be held from the 13-18th of November 2020. Buy your ticket now, share the event with a friend and join a virtuel week full of fun learning, workshops and networking with great companies.

The world calls for your ideas and suggestions in the challenges presented below – make your mark for a better tomorrow and #AIM4SDG!

Connecting Business initiative – Challenge Partner

Change lives by using Additive Manufacturing to address challenges in disaster management & recovery

The world’s most vulnerable people tend to suffer the most in crises, whether we are talking about natural hazards (e.g. hurricanes, earthquakes) or manmade conflicts (e.g. war refugees). Their housing or source of livelihood/income may be impacted by a disaster or their essential needs (e.g. food, water, sanitation) may exceed the local capacity. In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has made it even more difficult to prepare for or respond to crises because of disruptions in movements of people and goods, and the need to ensure health safety measures were respected.

From improving disaster resilience efforts to revolutionizing the humanitarian response supply chain, disruptive technologies have the potential to play a critical role in disaster preparedness, response and recovery.

How can we apply Additive Manufacturing to strengthen disaster preparedness efforts, reduce the impact of disasters, support response and early recovery efforts to build the resilience of the local communities and thus save lives and livelihoods?

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Danish AM Hub – Challenge Partner

A major contribution in the green transition is to produce circularly rather than linearly. To get there, we must consider using Additive Manufacturing, but how?

Linear production is probably the most well-known production method although it is not the most sustainable solution. In order for us to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, we must resolve this challenge of producing in a circular way instead of linear.
Additive Manufacturing possesses a potential to support this process of moving away from a linear production towards a circular one. However, we still need to figure out how to achieve this.

In a business manner, we must take into consideration where to start, which materials that would be optimal to use, how to design a supply chain for this and how a circular production can create end-to-end value for the respective customers.

In extension to this, the circular challenge is following; How can you, by utilizing Additive Manufacturing, go from linear to circular production and create end-to-end value?

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About the event

Do you have a business idea you’d like to pursue?

The program offered takes place over multiple days with guidance, workshops, mentorship and a final pitch competition. The event is based on experiences from the global movement of Techstars Startup Weekend applied to a format that allows attendees to participate remotely. 

The event starts on Friday and moves into the following week. Each day there will be new possibilities for you as an attendee to further your idea and your knowledge about entrepreneurship in an applied format. 

We emphasize on active learning for all the attendees. You can join as either an individual or as a startup, we will help you connect with the other peers.

Startup Borgen – eventpartner

Startup Borgen is a politically neutral organization that works actively to bring the Danish startup environment closer to the established Danish political system.

Startup Borgen has a number of initiatives around Denmark – all with a focus on creating both awareness of future business opportunities and dialogue between entrepreneurial companies and elected politicians.


Søren Kølle Hansen

Project Manager at Danish AM Hub

Mail: skh@am-hub.dk


Aleksander Bordvik

StartUp Program Manager and Facilitator

Mail: ab@startupborgen.dk