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Community & Network

Startup: €0
SME: €0
Large Company: Subject to selection og paid package

AM Talent
Recruit amongst the sharpest young AM minds on Denmark’s leading AM career platform. Advertise jobs and projects.

Meet and share knowledge with industry peers and relevant experts.

Technical consultation visit by Danish AM HUb’s CTO, Steffen Schmidt. Commercial check-in consultation for startups by Martin Bjørn Madsen, the founder of Playable.

Exclusive invitations to projects and programs
Invitation to participate in events and selected projects, including Danish AM Hub’s ‘Additive Factory’.

Sustainability & Engagement

Startup: €500 (AM roundtable not included)
SME: €2.500
Large Company: €7.500

CO2e Calculator
The first ever AM cradle-to-cradle Life Cycle Estimator that empowers companies to qualify their decisions on when to choose AM based on CO2e reductions.
Developed by Danish AM Hub. Customization to specific materials and processes available at additional cost.

AM Roundtable
Participation at Danish AM Hub’s AM Roundtable meetings that bring together international technology providers, leading Danish manufacturers and prominent experts to discuss central issues related to AM and sustainability, as well advise on and co-design AM Hub initiatives.

Exhibiting & Connectivity

Startup: Complimentary AM Summit package
SME: €5.000
Large Company: €10.000

AM Summit
Exhibitor package at AM Summit – recognized as the number 1 AM Conference in the Nordics – on Thursday October 24, 2024. The conference will feature 700+ participants, 50+ exhibitors from across the world, as well as inspirational speakers and debates.

AM Tech Days
Participate in tech-centered events focusing on AM Hardware and Software. Network with AM users and technology experts.

Under 5 employees or; under 5 years

Under 250 employees and; under €50 million in revenue

Large Company
Over 250 employees or; over €50 million in revenue or; subsidiaries of a corporate group

25% off with the selection of all three packages
All prices are subject to DK and EU VAT rules

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