AWARD 2023

Honoring additive manufacturing actors, pushing the boundaries of AM

When war hit Ukraine, millions of lives were impacted. That the 3DCP group with their partners, were able to print a new kindergarten in a manner of days instead of weeks or months, was a great demonstration of how AM has the possibility to help in a humanitarian crisis, where time and flexibility is absolutely crucial. 

Back in 1935 The LEGO Group built their wooden duck as one of their first toys and in 2023 they 3D-printed their first element available to the public, a little duck just like the one from 1935. The duck marks a point, where 3D printing is no longer just for prototyping, but can be used in a full scale production line. 

Asgaard Metals

Former Nordic Metals

Creating metal powder for powder bed infusion can be an expensive and resource intense procedure. Asgaard Metals have found that, when producing spray formed steel, they’re able to obtain overspray powder and use that in AM production, thereby creating a more sustainable production method for the powder.