Se eller gense talerne fra AM Summit 2019

Tommy Ahlers

Member of Parliament & Entrepreneur

Change, Competencies and new ideas brought to life

Ian Cronin

Project Lead, Future of Advanced Manufacturing and Production, World Economic Forum

Shaping the future of advanced manufacturing and production: An ecosystem approach

Espen Sivertsen

Founder & CEO, Ivaldi

This is not your farther’s supply chain

Thea Wulff Olesen

CEO, Particle3D

We print bone

Thomas Hofman-Bang

CEO, The Danish Industry Foundation

Changing technologies are not for turtles

Bastian Schaefer & David Benjamin

Innovation Manager, Airbus – Head of the Living, Autodesk

Shaping the future with generative design and 3D printing

Lasse Staal & Peter Bay

CEO, AddiFab – CEO, Krebs & Co.

Realisation of a 3D printing and injection molding hybrid

Frank Rosengreen Lorenzen

CEO, Danish AM Hub

Welcome to AM Summit 2019 – Changing paradigms

Casper Ladeby

Development & Innovation Manager, Hydac

Creating an innovation culture for technological change

Christian Beck

Production Partnerships Sales Manager Europe, Carbon

Carbons digital light synthesis – a game changer