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June 24, 2020 | 10 AM CST – 3 PM CST

Schedule of Events:

  • 10 AM CST | Intro to Thermoplastics and Their Use in Material Extrusion in 3D Printing 

This session will focus on a broad overview of thermoplastic materials including basic polymer science, thermoplastic chemistry families, and process-induced considerations for material extrusion 3D printing. Viewers will leave with a deeper understanding of polymer science for both amorphous and semicrystalline polymers and the general landscape of polymer classes used in industry. This session will also discuss some of the process-induced challenges of material extrusion 3D printing and connect that back to the concepts introduced on polymer science.  

  • 11 AM CST | Material Selection Criteria for Engineering Applications 

This session will expand on the concepts introduced in session one and introduce the strategies commonly used to select the proper material for an engineering application. With dozens of material classes and thousands of polymer formulations to choose from, it can be very challenging to know which material is best for a given application. In this session we will share a strategy for asking the right questions about the intended use of a thermoplastic part, and the best approach for narrowing down the best material choices given the multi-objective constrained optimization problem space. Examples of material selection problems will be presented with their material selection outcomes. 

  • 1 PM CST | Material Handling Procedures for High Quality 3D Printed Parts

This session will give an overview of material handling considerations for a typical additive manufacturing workflow. We will review polymer classes for hygroscopic and hydrophobic materials, the effects of moisture on thermoplastics during melt processing, and discuss various material handling procedures that should be implemented to prevent moisture in 3D printing materials. Several equipment options for feeding, storing and drying filament spools will be presented, along with a preview of the new Essentium DryBox™.

  • 2 PM CST | Advanced Functional Materials for High Performance Applications 

This session will take a deep look at advanced material capabilities that enable high performance applications in the electronics manufacturing space, aerospace industry, and medical industryWe will look at high end materials with known performance standards and testing certificates required in regulated industries, as well as Essentium’s patented multilayer extrusion technology and the functional material properties that are achieved with this technique. 

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