Newsletter – Sep 2021


At Danish AM Hub, we are glad that Covid-19 does not challenge us as much anymore – but at the same time we must not forget that the world is facing other major crises. In their latest report, UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change issued a CODE RED, and it is more important than ever that we address the alarming state of the climate.

That is exactly what we did at AM Summit – with this year’s theme Additive Impact where we focused on AM as the sustainable production technology of the future. In this newsletter you can read more about AM Summit 2021 and our thoughts on how we can contribute to sustainability through Additive Manufacturing.

You can also read about our new AM Nordic project, the next AM Hybrid programme and all the exciting AM-events in the autumn.

Happy reading!

AM Summit 2021 – larger than ever!

350 participants. 30 speakers. 40 exhibitors.

In August 2021, Danish AM Hub held the annual AM Summit – Scandinavia’s biggest Additive Manufacturing conference – for the third time. And this year’s AM Summit set the record with the largest support both in number of participants and the companies showing the latest AM-development and 3D printed products.

Thank you for the great support – and for a very succesfull AM Summit 2021 focusing on the great possibilities and – especially sustainable – potential in the AM technology.

On the website and on our LinkedIn you can read more about this year’s conference and see a video and photos from the day and our many exhibitors.

Remember to fill out our questionnaire if you have participated in the AM Summit 2021.

We look forward to seeing you at our next AM Summit.

How We Create Danish Sustainability Through Additive Manufacturing

Danish AM Hub wants to set an even higher standard for what Denmark can achieve by combining classic Danish strengths such as sustainability and innovation with the endless possibilities of AM-technology.

We believe it is possible to make Denmark world leading in the use of additive production and thereby increasing the sustainability and competitiveness of Danish companies through three key elements:

  1. Sustainability has to be specified though concrete goals for competitiveness, growth, ect., and measured by how succesful we are at eliminating CO2 with our efforts.
  2. Stronger and more local basis alongside focus on metal printing technology, which has a large potential to create more sustainable products through AM.
  3. Continuously make sure that more Danish manufacturers start spreading, developing, executing and challenging AM in Denmark.

Read more about our thoughts on how AM creates Danish sustainability here.

Join our next AM Hybrid programme

Our successful AM Hybrid programme is now starting up again, and we look forward to collaborating with several Danish production companies to innovate and optimize the product development phase using hybrid manufacturing, which combines injection molding and 3D printing.

As a participant, you have the opportunity to bring a new product idea or prototype, which we will develop and design through workshops and counseling – and finally go into production.

Several companies have already developed a better prototype through previous AM Hybrid programmes. Read more about the companies’ experiences here.

This time, there is an even greater focus on innovation and creating an even stronger product development phase.
Read more about the project and your opportunity to participate on our website here.

Nordic companies must lead in the green transition with AM

The EU initiative Interreg ØKS has chosen to support our project AM Nordic – driving sustainability using AM and thus also our mission to produce more sustainably with additive manufacturing and 3D printing.

The project aims to identify the best role for 3D printing in the green transition as well as quantify the climate footprint of 3D prints compared to more conventional production methods. The latter must be done by analyzes of life cycle that specifically measure how much a component or product emits by being produced additively versus eg. a mold. Such concrete results can contribute with knowledge about where it makes sense to use 3D printing from a sustainability perspective.

Read more about the project and the partnership here – and contact us for more information.

An autumn full of AM events

During the autumn, there will be a lot of interesting AM events, which we recommend you to join or follow:

Stay updated by following us on LinkedIn or our event directory.

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