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The Danish AM Hub wishes everyone a Merry Christmas.

We enjoy reading Christmas fairy tales these days – and also the great 3D fairy tales being written these days by Danish companies, that have created strong business models that show how we in Denmark design, develop and produce the products of the future.

In an opinion piece in Børsen, our Director Frank Rosengreen Lorenzen has described how Danish companies such as 3Shape, Luxion and TheMagic5 are disrupting traditional production with innovation and 3D technology and thus creating completely new value for customers. For us, it is crucial that we on Danish soil master this completely new form of technology, where we minimize material, waste and transport and produce tailor-made and smart design, development and production.

In this newsletter, you can read more about AM Venture Day, where we gathered AM entrepreneurs and investors and listen to our director speak at the Global AM Summit 2021 and in the latest

Happy reading (and listening)!

Investors and entrepreneurs once again showed the great potential of AM technology

For the second time, we have held AM Venture Day; a Danish AM Hub initiative with a focus on bringing investors and entrepreneurs together. The entrepreneurs proved why 3D printing is an essential part of their business models and provides them with a unique opportunities to create value for their customers. And investors gave concrete feedback and shared their experiences in scaling a start-up to an established company with global prospects.We also gave two awards – AM Impact and AM Growth. The AM Impact went to Wohn A/S for creating a business model that makes a sustainable difference on both a social and environmental level. And the AM Growth went to Quantica 3D for their value-creating business model with optimal use of 3D printing technology.See photos and read more about all the strong entrepreneurs.

Additive Manufacturing creates more sustainable production

Additive Manufacturing has to lead the way and create more sustainable manufacturing and therefore make: Meaningful things with precision, taylor-made for the customer, long-lasting items that can be repaired and improved, parts that are made with little material, waste, transportation and CO2 emissions.

At the Global AM Summit 2021, our CEO Frank Rosengreen Lorenzen discussed sustainability through Additive Manufacturing.

Read more on Global AM Summit 2021 and NAMIC Singapore – and see the recording from day 1 and day 2 (requires registration for a free account).

Danish AM Hub with strong calls in 3D print podcast

We have to think about what we produce and only produce when needed. When we produce, we have to do it with minimum material, waste, energy and transportation. And we need to own our value chain as producers from a sustainable perspective.

Our CEO @Frank Rosengreen Lorenzen sent strong calls for the production industry in this episode of 3D Pod from to look at sustainable technology like Additive Manufacturing and 3Dprint.

We focus too much on cost and efficiency, and we need to focus on technology and sustainability – both from a sustainable and a competitive argument to meet the expectations from the next consumer generation having a strong green mindset 💚

Listen to the podcast – and thank you for a great show to the hosts Joris Peels and Max Bogue.

A new year full of AM events

During the autumn, there will be a lot of interesting AM events, which we recommend you to join or follow:

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